Permanent Makeup

Marie's goal as a permanent makeup artist is to offer a natural looking enhancement to your already beautiful features.

Let's begin

The journey of permanent makeup begins with a private, one on one consultation. Each client is very unique and no two services are the same.

During the consultation we will discuss your needs, desires, and the realistic outcome of your application. Following the consultation is your first appointment of two. This appointment includes your first application and lasts 2-2 1/2 hours.  In four to eight weeks you will return for your follow up appointment. This is a necessary part of the outcome of your permanent makeup and is just as important. This refinement appointment will give Marie the opportunity to refine your makeup and make any adjustments. Two appointments are required to achieve your desired results.

Benefits of permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is fast, easy, and less expensive over time. It saves time on your morning makeup routine and throughout the day. Permanent makeup can correct uneven lip line and eyebrow shapes, gives the eye definition and will not run or smudge. Permanent makeup is very liberating and can boost your self confidence. Imagine waking up with a fresh face, ready to take on the day!!!

Do you have difficulty applying makeup due to vision challenges and dexterity problems (stroke, arthritis, and so forth)?

Are you tired of your makeup running or smudging during a workout, hike, bike, or swim?

Do you have seasonal or cosmetic allergies?

Do you suffer from permanent hair loss?

Are you unhappy with your eyebrow shape or lip line?

Are you simply looking to enhance your facial features?

Eliminate the everyday struggle and frustration of matching up eyebrows and making straight, even lines. Save yourself time, EVERY day.

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